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Bloombastic by Atami is exactly what your plants need. Give them an explosive flowering period, plenty of PK and a whole lot of sugars and carbs with this professionally made fertilizer; your plants have never looked better!

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Bloombastic by Atami is a product designed for your plants’ last stage, giving them the carbs and sugars they need as well as a high PK content in order to grow larger flowers with more resin and THC.

This is one of Atami’s best-selling products, so it speaks for itself in as far as how efficient and effective it is. After the second dosage you’ll already be able to see clear results in your plants, increasing both quality and quantity of the yield.

Add Bloombastic to your irrigation water from the fourth flowering week onwards and you’ll see an instant difference in size and weight of your buds. The nutrients in this product are perfect for your plants and they don’t leave residues behind in the substrate. Phosphorus and potassium keep your plants extremely strong, and a little bit of extra nitrogen gives them green, intense foliage. The sugars in Bloombastic also improve your plants’ flavor and resin quantity, which is quite sought-after in as far as commercialized cannabis.

Do not use too much of this product – twice a week is more than enough.

The 325ml and 1250ml formats come with a 25ml Silic Boost sample.

Dosage and how to use Bloombastic by Atami:

  • Add 0.5-1ml  per liter of water during the second flowering stage – from the 4th flowering week until the last flowering week.


N-P-K 0-14-15
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 14.00%
Potassium oxide( K2O) 14.50%
Iron (Fe) 0.950%

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