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Bloomstimulator by B’Cuzz accelerates flowering in cannabis plants. Combined with the rest of the B’Cuzz range, this product makes for amazing yields.

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Bloomstimulator by B’Cuzz accelerates the beginning of the flowering period, making your plants sprout flowers like there’s no tomorrow, as well as reducing the distance between nodes. Your plants' flowers will end up compact, all along your plant, and if you use a fattening product towards the end you’ll really be astonished by the results.

Begin applying BloomStimulator once flowering begins and you’ll be able to see the amazing results for yourself, with some amazing zig-zag buds appearing along branches. As your plant continues to flower you’ll see the buds getting longer, as well as the branches; you’ll soon stop seeing any the trunk and stem, as they’ll be covered by one gigantic group of flowers.

1L bottles come with a 25ml Silic Boost sample.

How to use B’Cuzz BloomStimulator:

For the most efficient results, we recommend combining it with Soil Booster, a product that you should apply around halfway through the vegging period. You should begin using BloomStimulator as soon as you flip the light period or as soon as you start seeing the first pistils outdoors or on autoflowering plants. Keep using BloomStimulator up until 15 days before harvesting, increasing the dosage gradually depending on how old your plant is – make sure to alternate between watering with pure water and including this product in your water, so as not to overfertilize the plant.

Dosage and how to use:

  • During the first flowering week, dilute 0.5ml BloomStimulator per liter of water and use every second watering.
  • Increase the dosage by 0,1ml every week.
  • From the 5th week onwards, keep 1ml/L of water up until you flush the roots.


  • NPK (W/W)
pH Value 6.5-7.4
Salinity 0.07%
Dry material 0.18%
Ash 0.00
Ammonium nitrate 0.05%
Nitrogen nitrate 0.10%
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 0.01%
Potassium oxide ( K2O) 0.01%
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 0.01%
Cadmium <0.10mg/kg
Chromium <5.00mg/kg
Copper <5.00mg/kg
Níckel <5.00mg/kg
Silver mercury <0.01mg/kg
Zync <5.00mg/kg
Sulphate <100mg/kg
Arsenic <0.10mg/kg

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