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ATA Organics Flavors are fully organic sugars to enhance the flavor and density of the final product. Applied at the end of Flowering, we will see results quickly.

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Flavors by ATA Organics is a new product created for obtaining and enhancing the flavor. It is a fertilizer based on beet molasses. Which exerts a positive influence on the smell and taste of the final product, leaving intact the original flavor of the type of plant to which it was applied.

It can be applied from the fourth week of flowering, onwards, until almost the last week when you should perform flushing to facilitate the removal of unwanted residues, which will be present in our buds if not done correctly. Flavor is not suitable for irrigation systems as they may become clogged. If you use an irrigation system and want to apply Flavor to improve the flavor, you can use it as foliar food, spraying it on the leaves of the crop.

The combination of Flavor with Growth-C, Bloom-C, Kilomix and worm humus will give you some yields that are far above average. We recommend the use of Ata-organics, if you want an extra potassium.

Dosage and usage of Flavors by ATA Organics:

  • Use 0.5 to 1 ml per liter of water, starting on the 4th week and ending when we wash the roots.

Chemical composition of Flavors of Ata Organics of Atami:

  • Nitrogen 0.28%.
  • Potassium 8.83%.
  • Sodium 2.01%.
  • Calcium 2.28%.
  • Magnesium 0.20%.
  • Sulfur 0.4%.
  • Iron 0.009%.
  • Manganese 0.004%.
  • Zinc 0.005%.
  • Boron 0.001%.

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