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PK 13/14 by Atami combined with their flowering base fertilizer can give your plants the necessary minerals in order to yield astonishing amounts. Once your plants reach the fattening phase, their flowers will love this little extra dose of phosphorus and potassium.

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PK 13/14 by ATA is one of Atami’s best-selling products; we can guarantee that you’ll get amazing results from this balanced fattening additive for your cannabis plants. It’s usually used from the third flowering week onwards, giving your plants the perfect amount of phosphorus and potassium, making for dense, meaty buds.

When used alongside Atami’s base fertilizer, your plants will be getting every single mineral and micronutrient they need to grow as big and as productive as possible.

When your plants start growing flowers they need a bit more phosphorus and potassium in order to grow the largest flowers possible – that means that this product is designed to grow bigger, heftier buds towards the end of the flowering period. Begin using it once your plants begin to grow proper white-ish buds.

Dosage and how to use PK 13/14 by ATA:

  • Start using it once your plant begins growing its first full flowers.
  • Add 0.25-1ml per liter of water.
  • Start off with the lowest dosage and then raise it little by little until you reach 1ml.
  • Stop using fertilizers two weeks before harvesting your plants in order to increase flavor.


N-P-K 0-13-14
Nitrogen (N) 0.08%
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 13.41%
Potassium oxide ( K2O) 13.91%
Sodium oxide (Na2O) 0.18%
Calcium oxide (CaO) 0.22%
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 0.16%
Sulfur oxide (SO3) 0.11%
Boron (B) 0.001%

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