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RootFast of ATA is a root stimulant from the B'Cuzz range, with which your plants can develop decent roots which can absorb all available nutrients.

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RootFast of ATA is totally valid for all substrates and means of cultivation because thanks to its formula, you can create a root system that is capable of absorbing all the nutrients available in the soil. Another important point to emphasize is the reinforcement that you give to your plants, since a larger root system will be better able to defend against pathogens or pests.

For the first two weeks of the life cycle, the product should be used every time we transplant, at a rate of 1ml per liter in the water used for irrigation.

Getting your cannabis plants to have abundant and strong roots is one of the keys to having a healthy crop and a generous harvest. Weed is known for sometimes having “lazy" roots and needs a very airy substrate and an adequate watering schedule to spread and easily occupy more space.

Dosage and How to use Atami RootFast:

  • Add 1ml per liter of water during the first few weeks of growth, repeat the process at the beginning of the flowering phase and whenever you transplant.

ATA Root Fast Chemical composition:

NPK: 1-6-1

  • Nitrogen 0.91%.
  • Potassium 0.59%.
  • Phosphorus 5.50%.
  • Sodium 0.23%.
  • Calcium 0.28%.
  • Magnesium 0.20%.
  • Sulfur 0.13%.
  • Iron 0.001%.
  • Boron 0.001%.

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