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BN X-CeL by BioNoca is an excellent growth and flowering stimulant. It’s used to give your plants a little boost during the growth period, and larger flowers during the flowering period.

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BN X-CeL by BioNova is a stimulant that can increase your plants’ growing and flowering periods, giving them a little push at the start of the growth period and improving results towards the end of the flowering period.

This natural stimulant is made from vegetal hormones and a complex combination of vitamins that actively promote plant growth and flower formation. Your plants will also grow new branches and roots that’ll make for faster, stronger growth.

BN X-Cel can be used alongside products from any other brand, although it’s designed to fit perfectly in among BioNova’s Supermix bases.

As well as helping your plants to grow strong and healthy, it also increases and improves the flowering period. BN X-Cel can be used with any BioNova Supermix base fertilizers. You’ll be able to start off the flowering period right and earlier than usual after flipping the lights – your plants will begin to create plenty of new sprouts and buds ready to be fattened with some PK13-14 by BioNova.

If you’re looking for professional results, follow Bio-Novas fertilizer and nutrient chart.

Dosage and how to use BN X-Cel by Bio-Nova:

  • Add 0.5-1ml per liter of water from the first week to the last week of your plants’ life cycle.

NPK 3-0-0

  • 3% Nitrogen.
  •  -1% Nitrate of nitrate.
  •  -1% Ammonium Nitrogen.
  •  -1% Organic nitrogen of vegetable origin.
  • Natural stimulators for growth and flowering.
  • Several vitamins.
  • Enzymes.
  • Amino acids.
  • Various trace elements.
  • Bacteria.
  • Algae.
  • Humic acids.

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