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Root Juice by BioBizz is a root stimulator which gives you a fantastic root system. Your plants will better absorb nutrients and become bigger and stronger.

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Root Juice by BioBizz is a powerful stimulator for the root system so your plants can absorb the nutrients better and grow larger and stronger. The plants' roots are crucial for them to grow healthy and so they can develop quickly.

It is added to a base of fertilizers which provide the main food base and Root Juice ensures that the plant assimilates all the nutrients, thanks to the vigorous root development that your plants will experience.

It can be combined with any range of fertilizers for vegetation and flowering, but fits perfectly with the range of bases made by BioBizz, consult their complete and thorough grow chart for professional results.

Add it to your irrigation water throughout the vegetative phase and during the first three weeks of the flowering phase.

With the BioBizz's Root Juice Root Stimulator, give your plants the proper root system to hold onto the soil firmly, to feed abundantly and to form healthy and strong plants that complete their cycle without any problems. Root Juice causes an explosive root growth in your plants that can be visibly noticed in the grow. When you reach the end of the cycle, you’ll see that your plants have grown strong, have fed well and consequently have produced a decent production. All this is done 100% organically in order to not expose your plants to unnecessary chemicals and to gain the best taste in the final product.

Dosage and how to use Bio Juice Root Juice:

Apply 2 to 5ml / L of water in the irrigation, in addition to the other BioBizz fertilizers that are recommended for that week. It is used primarily at the beginning of vegetation, when flowering begins and when you transplant.

BioBizz Root Juice Composition:

NPK 0.2-0.2-0.1

  • Nitrogen 0.2%
  • Phosphorus 0.2%
  • Potassium 0.1%
  • Iron 0.012%
  • Zinc 0.004%
  • Cu 0.0018%

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