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Clonex by Growth Technology is a rooting hormone designed to obtain excellent quality clones with a 100% rate of success. This hormone is the most used by growers around the world.

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Clonex by Growth Technology is an excellent rooting hormone that guarantees the success of your clones. Besides hormones, its formula contains nutrients and molecules with bactericide and fungicide effect to ensure the proper development of roots.

It’s used to multiply the number of plants from a selected specimen, creating completely identical clones that will react in the same way to the same stimuli. In this way, we can create the perfect plants for extensive crops where it's important that all plants develop evenly and to get a final product with identical properties.

With only a few ml, you can get more than 100 perfect copies of your favorite plant. Remember that it’s preferable that the selected cuttings come from a plant at its growing stage. Otherwise, they’ll take much longer to sprout again making us waste valuable time.

Dosage and usage:

  • Put the amount of Clonex you need in a small container and close the Clonex botle to keep it in perfect conditions for later use.
  • Then, submerge the stem of the selected and previously prepared cuttings in the container (1cm of the stem). The gel has to cover with a thin layer all the wounds of the sprout (usually three: the stem itself and the two side branches we'll have removed) .
  • Introduce about two centimetres of the stem in the substrate selected for your clones. You can use jiffies, rockwool, sterilised soil, desalinated sand, etc.
  • Don't introduce anything in the original container or you’ll ruin all the content.


  • 0.3% Indole-3-butyric acid

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