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RootMax by Green Hope is a very concentrated root stimulator made of 100% natural ingredients to obtain large and strong plants that will have an abundant flowering.

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RootMax by Green Hope is a powerful root stimulator with 100% organic and natural ingredients that will help develop the needed root system to grow large buds. Your plants will grow faster and healthier.

This product is usually combined with a growth base that will provide the necessary nutrients for your plants. You can also hydrate blocks for your clones with a solution enriched with RootMax in order to obtain huge roots that will assimilate large amounts of nutrients.

RootMax will create the ideal conditions for the development of beneficial micro-organisms for your plants. This will allow for the better assimilation of trace elements through the different stages of the plants’ development.

With completely water-soluble ingredients to facilitate its use with hydroponic and aeroponic systems, not having to worry about its obstructing the tubes and drippers. Also, it will metabolize the salts present in the medium, making the buds taste better and look awesome.

RootMax by Green Hope will increase the needs of your plants, so you may have to increase the dose of fertilizers if you observe any deficiency.

RootMax de Green Hope’s dosage and usage:

  • Add 1mL per litre of water to irrigate your plants.

RootMax de Green Hope’s composition:

  • Vegetable oils.
  • Naturals extracts.

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