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Superthrive by Vitamin Institute is a vitamin complex that provides extra energy to your plants in order to strengthen their health. Used since 1940 to repopulate forest across the world.

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Superthrive by Vitamin Institute is a vitamin complex with multiple gardening applications that supplies extra energy to your plants, strengthening their health. You’ll get plants with healthy roots, hard and strong stems and an excellent structure that will form huge colas of buds.

It can be used during the whole cultivation process and combined with any kind of fertilizers. With this supplement, your plants will always be healthy and assimilate all the provided nutrients. You can’t over-fertilize your plants with Supethrive. However, since it’s a concentrated product, you only have to add 1-4mL per litre of nutrient solution.

Superthrive is used to keep the good health of your plants, or to recover them after a stressful situation. In order to recover damaged plants, it’s recommended its foliar application to ensure the product reaches all parts of the plants at once, speeding up the recovery and stimulating the correct functioning of the internal systems of the plants.

Remember that products containing organic components are affected by high temperatures, so we recommend you to sore them away from your grow room to keep them in perfect conditions.

Superthrive’s dosage and usage:

  • Dilute 1-4mL per litre of nutrient solution and add to every irrigation during the whole crop cycle.
  • Foliar application:
  • Dilute 1mL per litre and spray your plants on both sides of their leaves.

Superthrive’s composition:

  • Cocktail of vitamins and trace elements.

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