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Bio Boost by Canna is a bio-stimulator that speeds up your crops, increasing the transportation of nutrients inside your plants. It’s used to start the flowering with strong and robust plants.

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Bio Boost by Canna is a 100% organic additive that speeds up your crops, improving the nutrient flow inside your plants. It will be used from the end of the growth stage in order to begin the flowering with strong and robust plants, resulting in a really impressive crop.

Make the most out of your plants by stimulating them before the flowering. They’ll form larger, heavier and denser buds. If you want to obtain explosive results, you can combine it with a blooming fertilizer such as natural guano.

With Bio Boost by Canna, you’ll save time and increase the final production. This product guarantees excellent results, with high-quality natural ingredients for our plants.

Not recommended for automatic irrigation systems since it could clog the tubes and the drippers. It’s mostly used with organic substrates and can be safely used with earth.

Bio Boost by Canna isn’t a fertilizer, but a mix of vegetal substances coming from tropical plants that stimulate the hormonal systems of your plants, producing results never seen before with organic products..Also, it enhances the natural aroma of the buds, obtaining a more intense taste.

With the BioCanna organic fertilizers, your crops will achieve a higher quality and the marijuana won’t scratch when smoked, your mouth won’t dry and it won’t leave a metallic taste. You’ll prevent the unwanted side effects caused by chemical fertilizers. Ideal for the sybarites that only want first-class organic weed.

Bio Boost’s dosage and usage:

  • Use 2 mL per one litre since the end of the flowering and keep increasing the dose until 4mL per litre during the last stage of the crop.
  • Add twice a week, give or take, alternating irrigations.
  • It can be used with Bio Rhizotonic. Use one day Bio Rhizotonic and Bio boost, and the next irrigation use Bio Flores.

Bio Boost’s composition:

  • Patented mix of tropical plants’ extracts.

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