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Bio Flores by Bio Canna is one of the best organic fertilizers for the flowering available on the market. Product 100% organic, OMRI and CU certified.

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Bio Flores by Bio Canna is a flowering stage fertilizer, 100% organic and OMRI and CU certified, what guarantees it respects the environment. With this fertilizer you can irrigate plants planted in the ground or in pots. You’ll provide them with all they need for a correct development during the flowering stage. They’ll produce a large number of flower with an intense aroma that can only be obtained with natural products.

We don’t recommend its use via irrigation systems in order to prevent the clogging of the tubes and drippers. It’s used with organic substrates such as earth and coco, or right on the ground. Its OMRI and CU certificates guarantee this product doesn’t alter the environment, so you can safely use it in your garden or guerrilla crop.

Bio-Flores contains all the necessary nutrients your plants need so they lack none. Made with first-class raw materials coming from different vegetal extracts with natural phosphates and extract of sugar beet.

To obtain really impressive results, you can combine it with Bio Boost Accelerator and Bio Rhizotonic by BioCanna. You’ll obtain huge plants with large quantities of resinous flowers. If you check the complete crop table given by the maker, you’ll give your plants what they need when they need it. Professional results without much effort.

Bio Flores’ dosage and usage:

  • Add 4mL per each litre of water in order to irrigate and alternate irrigations with nutrient-less water.
  • It’s not necessary to adjust the irrigation water’s pH.
  • It’s advisable to use the solution within 24h.

Bio Flores’ composition:

NPK 2-2-5

  • 2.3% Nitrogen.
  • 1.8% Phosphate oxide (water soluble).
  • 5% Potassium oxide (water soluble).

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