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Bio Rhizotonic by Bio Canna is a root stimulator. It helps your plants developing a better root system to grow faster and to have a good flowering.

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Bio Rhizotonic by Bio Canna is a powerful root stimulator. It will help your plants to develop a better root system to grow faster and to have a good flowering. This product has been certified by OMRI and CU as a 100% organic product which respects the environment.

A formula with natural ingredients of the best quality for our plants. You can use it with organic substrates, both in pots and in the ground, not being afraid of polluting the environment.

Bio Rhizotonic by BioCanna makes your plants healthy by ensuring a good root system. Your plants will develop a complex root system, and helps grow the root hairs, which are the structures that absorb the water (not the hard roots). It lets the sick plants recover all its vigor in a few days and makes them grow as fast as possible. If you use it to transplant them before the flowering, they’ll quickly grow to create string and resistant plants that will bear large and resinous buds.

It’s especially recommended for the first weeks of growth and flowering, with seeds and clones.

To obtain a professional crop, check the crop list provided by BioCanna. It can be combines with Bio-Vega during the growth, and with Bio-Flores and Bio-Boost Accelerator during the flowering.

Bio Rhizotonic’s dosage and usage:

  • Use 2mL during the beginning of the growth stage, with Bio Vega, until a good root system is formed. Repeat the procedure with every transplantation.
  • Use 4ml/L when it’s transplanted into the final pot, until it begins the flowering. About two weeks of use.

Bio Rhizotonic’s composition:

NPK 0.6-0.2-0.6

  • 0.6% Nitrogen.
  • 0.2% Phosphorus
  • 0.6% Potassium.
  • Seaweed extract.

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