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Ph- Grow by Canna is a liquid used to decrease the acidity levels of your irrigation mix to ensure your plants assimilate the maximum of nutrients.

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Ph- Grow by Canna, useful to decrease the acidity level of the irrigation mix during the first weeks of the crop. This way, your plants will assimilate the maximum nutrients in this delicate stage. You’ll considerably improve your crops.

The average acidity of the growth medium, be it water, earth or coco, defines the amount of nutrients that plants can assimilate and the speed at which those nutrients can be absorbed by the roots. This is why growers control this parameter before fertilizing their plants. On the one hand, you save lots of money because you only supply the nutrients your plants are able to assimilate and, on the other hand, you protect your plants against excesses and deficiencies.

In aqueous systems, such as rock wool, hydro or aero, the pH level is kept al low values, usually around 5.5 and 5.8. during the growth, and at around 5.8 and 6.2 during the flowering.

In earth substrate, you must first measure the pH, so you have to dampen a sample of the soil with distilled water and drain it on a container covered with a filter. The drained water will contain the minerals and nutrients present in the soil. Then you have to check the pH. If it’s between5.8 and 6.5, you have to adjust the irrigation level values accordingly. If it’s over those values, you will have to irrigate with a lower pH mix to compensate. If it’s below, the pH should be higher.

If the substrate is coco fibre, being almost inert, it will be much easier. You just have to keep the water’s pH between 6 and 6.5 to obtain good results.

If you use a reactive meter, you are safe as long as the color lays between yellow and light green. If it turns orange or red, you have to raise it with pH+ by Canna. If it turns dark green or blue, you have to lower it with pH- Growth or pH- Bloom by Canna, depending on the development stage.

Ph- Grow ’s dosage and usage:

  • Measure the pH of the irrigation water after adding the nutrients.
  • It the pH is above the desired level, add some drops to the mix and measure again.
  • Repeat the previous steps until reaching the appropriate level for plants to better assimilate the nutrients.
  • Once the desired pH level is reached, let the mix rest of a few minutes before watering your plants.

Ph- Grow’s composition:

  • 38% Nitric Acid

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