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Bio Bloom by GHE is a growth and flowering stimulator that will produce a spectacular growth and a considerable increase in the number of calyxes, suitable for all types of growing medium.

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Bio Bloom by GHE is a 100% biological stimulator that works at the hormonal level of your plants, accelerating their physiological processes. This translates into an increased demand for nutrients and a lush growth. You can use it throughout the growing process so your plants assimilate the “bricks” they need to build their structures.

Bio Bloom by GHE speeds up the overall growing process, reducing the total time needed to get first-class flowers. You may have to increase the doses of fertilizers so your plants don’t suffer from deficiencies.

It’s added to the nutrient base and perfectly complements with a strong PK to produce an explosion of new calyxes all over the plant. In order to obtain excellent results with your crops, we recommend to check the feeding chart by General Hydroponics Europe.

Dosage and usage of Bio Bloom by GHE:

  • Add 1mL per 5L of solution to irrigate your plants.
  • It’s usually applied when switching the plants to flowering to replace the root stimulator, but it can also be added from the beginning, with a smaller dose, and increase it up to 2mL per 10 litres.
  • Stop using it two weeks before the harvest.

Composition of Bio Bloom by GHE:

  • Essential oils from plants.
  • Amino acids extracted from fruits and plants.

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