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Powder Feeding - Short Flowering is a complete fertilizer with the necessary nutrients, and in the ideal proportions, for Indica varieties that can be used throughout the plant cycle.

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Powder Feeding - Short Flowering by Green House is a complete fertilizer that contains all the required nutrient, in the ideal proportions, for Indica varieties. Designed so you have to use only this product throughout the whole life of your plant..It’s very easy to use and gives you the opportunity to get excellent productions in any growing medium.

With this powerful all-in-one fertilizer by Green House, you only have to increase the doses while your plants grow and, not using anything else, you’ll get large, dense and resinous buds.   You'll save a lot of time and money, obtaining professional results.

Powder Feeding Short Flowering has been specifically designed to be used in all types of growing media and can be safely used with drip irrigation systems. If you use 100% distilled or osmotized water, you’ll have to add Powder Feeding Calcium from the beginning to avoid possible deficiencies of calcium during the flowering.

The proportions of this all-in-one fertilizer by Green House have been specifically adjusted for fast-flowering Indica plants.

Powder Feeding - Short Flowering’s dosage and usage:

  • Add 0.25g per litre of water for small plants and cuttings.
  • Add 0.5g per litre of water for plants in growth stage.
  • Add 1g per litre of water for flowering plants.
  • Add 1.5 per litre for outdoor plants in full sun or under extreme light conditions (+ 1000W).

Remember that, in order to avoid overfertilizing your plants, it’s advisable to measure the nutrient solution’s Ec before irrigating. The indicated doses have been calculated for water with an Ec of 0.0.

Powder Feeding - Short Flowering’s composition:

NPKMg 16-6-26-2

  • 16% Nitrogen
  • 11% Nitrate
  • 5% Ammonia Nitrogen
  • 6% Phosphorus
  • 26% Potassium
  • 2% Magnesium
  • 0.04% Copper
  • 0.1% Iron
  • 0.05% Manganese
  • 0.01% Molybdenum
  • 0.01% Zinc

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