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Black Pearl Organics by Grotek is a biological additive with organic and mineral ingredients with which you can regenerate soils where plants have previously grown. It can also be added to new soil in order to prepare it.

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Black Pearl by Grotek is an additive used to condition substrates, or recondition those already used, with nutrients. It provides both macro-elements and micro-elements, activating the microscopic life beneficial for your plants.

This product isn’t suitable for recirculation systems because it contains ingredients that aren’t water-soluble and will obstruct the pipes.It can be used in hydroponic systems without soil, as long as you irrigate by hand or let the water drain from the substrate.

The best way to use it is to completely mix it with the substrate, so that the nutrients regularly activate the beneficial bacteria and fungi. This way, you’ll ensure that when the roots of your plants colonize the substrate, they’ll always find food and an army of microorganisms ready to defend your plants.

Dosage and usage of Black Pearl by Grotek:

  • Mix 1g of Black Pearl per litre of soil.
  • Stir well the soil to evenly distribute it.

Composition of Black Pearl by Grotek:

NPK 1-1-2

  • 2% Soluble potash
  • 1% Calcium

Derived from:

  • Activated charcoal
  • Micronized rock dust
  • Humic acid
  • Kelp extract

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