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Bloom Fuel by Grotek is a flowering stimulator that slows the vertical growth to focus on growing more shoots on the branches. It’s used since the end of the growth stage.

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Bloom Fuel by Grotek is a powerful flowering stimulator that is added at the end of the growth stage so the flowers appear earlier. It’s used until the end of the cultivation, you’ll only stop its application you start cleaning the roots.

You can use this product with automatic irrigation systems without fear of obstructing the pipes. Made with 100% water-soluble ingredients, easily assimilable by your plants. It can be applied to crops in any kind of substrate, whether hydro, aero, NFT, coco or soil.

Bloom Fuel is added to the irrigation water in combination with basic fertilizers that will provide the main nutrients for your plants. You can combine it with Solo-tek Grow and Vegetative Growth Booster to obtain huge plants right from the start.

Check Grotek's detailed feeding chart to provide your plants with a professional nutrient programme.

Your plants will be prepared to grow more and larger flowers thanks to the components of Bloom Fuel by Grotek. The plant's internal systems will be accelerated allowing for its roots to absorb larger amounts of nutrients.

Dosage and usage Bloom Fuel by Grotek:

  • Add 2.5mL per litre of nutrient solution, along with the rest of the fertilizers needed that week.
  • Start applying it one week before changing the lights to 12/12h.

Composition of Bloom Fuel by Grotek:

NPK 0-0-2

  • 2% Potassium

WARNING! Grotek has drastically renewed its line of nutrients and has also formulated new compositions for the entire range of products, even changing the name of some of them. BLOOM FUEL (0-0-2 NPK) is now called BUD FUEL PRO (1-3-4 NPK).

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