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Monster Bloom by Grotek is a fertilizer that will really fatten the buds of your marijuana plants. With its PK 50/30, it will provide the nutrients needed during the 2nd stage of the flowering.

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Monster Bloom by Grotek is an additive that’s has to be combined with a flowering fertilizer. It’s used to improve the consistency and weight of the buds. Your crop will weigh more and the flowers will be harder if you use it using since the buds begin to form. With this fertilizer, the buds will burst and form more flowers out of the flowers, a true “monstrous flowering”.

Phosphorus and potassium play a very important role in the synthesis of proteins and sugars in plants, contributing to the acceleration of internal processes at the same time they form a structural part of the walls and cell nuclei. Its results are usually noticeable within a few days since the application, with an explosive growth of the first flowers which will continue fattening until the end of the flowering.

Monster Bloom, with a PK 50/30, is a very good option when you want the buds to grow heavier. During the second stage of the flowering, your plants can absorb more of these nutrients, and this is when Monster Bloom comes into play. The flowers will fatten day by day after the application. You only have to add it to the irrigation water once a week in very small doses (0.3 g/L) for this wonder to be effective. It’s not advisable to exceed the recommended dose since it’s very concentrated and you run the risk of over-fertilizing your plants.

You must supplement it with Heavy Bloom for greater efficiency, since you’ll obtain harder, heavier and more compact buds.

Dosage and usage of Monster Bloom by Grotek:

  • Add 0.3 g/L of water during the fattening phase of the buds, once they’re already formed (around week 4 or 5, depending on varieties) never before.

Add to the irrigation water, once a week.

Composition of Monster Bloom by Grotek:

NPK 0-50-30 (w/w)

  • 50% Phosphorus
  • 30% Potassium

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