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Hesi Coco is a fertilizer with a mix of nutrients for all the stages of cannabis cultivation in coco. Use it as a base fertilizer for your plants.


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Hesi Coco is a base fertilizer for your plants with a blend of high-quality nutrients for all the stages of cannabis cultivation in coco fibre. With this product, you have the basic elements your plants need to properly grow and flourish in this growing medium. 

It improves the beneficial flora in the soil and it’ll provide an exceptional supply of nutrients throughout the plant cycle, both during the growth and the flowering. You can also start growing your plants with TNT Complex and Root Complex if you want to get large plants from the beginning.

You can combine it with stimulating additives of any brand. Using the rest of the products by Hesi, you’ll get buds you’ve seen never before. Check the complete feeding chart to provide your plants with a professional feeding.

Growing in coco is very simple since all the nutrients are supplied via the irrigation water. The substrate keeps alive the microorganisms beneficial for your plants, improving the health of the roots. It’s advisable to inoculate Trichoderma fungus if it isn’t present in the coco substrate you use in order to improve the assimilation of nutrients by your plants

Dosage and usage of Hesi Coco:

  • Growing plants:
  • Add 3ml per litre to the irrigation water.
  • Flowering plants:
  •  Add 5ml per litre to the irrigation water.

Remember that when combined with the rest of the additives you’ll get an explosive flowering.

Composition of Hesi Coco:

  • 3% Nitrogen
  • 3.9% Phosphorus
  • 5.1% Potassium.
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vegetable sugars
  • Amino acids

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