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PK 13/14 by Hesi is a powerful additive for the last stage of the flowering that is used to fatten the buds along with a flowering fertilizer.

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PK 13/14 by Hesi is a supplement for the flowering stage that increases the size and weight of the flowers of your marijuana plants. It must be used in combination with a flowering fertilizer such as Hydro Bloom for hydroponic crops or Coco Bloom for coco fibre.

The high-quality mineral ingredients in this product are 100% water-soluble to prevent the clogging of your automatic irrigation system. It can be used with crops in an inert medium that doesn’t provide nutrients to the plants.

Phosphorus and potassium take part in the metabolism of plants as well as being part of their structure. They also confer rigidity to the cell walls and increase the weight, improving the production of flowers. You can combine it with SuperVit and Boost by Hesi so that the buds look awesome and have an intense aroma.

Dosage and usage of Hesi PK 13-14:

Add to the irrigation tank in a proportion of 2.5 ml per 10L of water during the first week of use (usually the 4th week of the flowering).

  • Add 5mL for every 10L from the 2nd week of use (usually the 5th week of the flowering).
  • Add 7.5 ml to 10L of water during the 6th week of the flowering.
  • 15ml for every 10L of water during the 7th week of flowering.

Rinse with water without fertilizers (optionally with Hesi PowerZyme) the last week of the flowering before the harvest.

Composition of PK 13/14 by Hesi:

  • 9% Phosphorus
  • 7.2% Potassium

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