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Hesi Starter Box Coco contains all the fertilizers needed to obtain great productions of buds in a very short time. It can be used with coco fibre substrates, either in slab or in pots.

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Hesi Starter Box Coco contains the full range of fertilizers needed to get great productions of high-quality weed with very little effort. You’ll harvest good buds in record time.

With this fertilizer kit for plants grown in coco substrate, you’ll have excellent results in the most economical way.

Root Complex is a stimulator for root growth that favours an abundant assimilation of nutrients. Your plants will grow healthier and much faster when used.

TNT complex makes your plants grow in a spectacular way by supplying of high-quality nitrogen of mineral origin.Growth fertilizer for soil, coconut and hydro.

Bloom Complex to prepare your flowers with the nutrient proportions adjusted for this stage. It ensures the formation of buds to later apply the Hesi PK 13/14.

PK 13/14 is applied during the middle of the flowering stage to greatly fatten the buds. Extra supply of phosphorus and potassium to provide density and size to the flowers. It’s known as the Hesi Fattener.

Powerzyme takes care of the roots and activates the beneficial soil bacteria to improve the growth and the flowering. It will remove the rests of organic and mineral salts, transforming them into nutrients for the plants.

Supervit provides amino acids and vitamins to stimulate the growth and the flowering. One drop is used for 4 litres of water. It speeds up the production of flowers by giving them everything they need. An economical and very efficient option.

You can achieve all of this just by following a simple feeding chart with which you’ll perfectly plan each irrigation. You’ll get lots of high-quality buds by providing them with the best nutrients from Hesi.

The Hesi Starter Kit Coco includes:

  • 500ml of TNT Complex (Growth Fertilizer)
  • 1 litre of Bloom Complex for Coco
  • 1 litre of PK 13/14 (Flowering Enhancer)
  • 500ml of Root Complex (Root Stimulator)
  • 500ml of Power Zyme (Root and substrate cleaner)
  • 10ml of Super Vit (Growth and Flowering Stimulator)

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