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Hesi Starter Box Hydro is a kit containing all the products of the Dutch brand needed for cultivation in aqueous media, making them even more economical for hydroponics and aeroponics.

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Hesi Starter Box Hydro is a kit containing all the products of the Dutch brand needed for cultivation in aqueous media.

With this fertilizer kit, you’ll have in our hands the best products to use in aqueous media such as hydroponic and aeroponic crops. You’ll get fantastic buds with this kit by following the complete cultivation programme by Hesi.

Root Complex is a root growth stimulator that facilitates the assimilation of large amounts of nutrients that allow for a vigorous development of the aerial part. Your plants will grow much faster and look healthier.

Hydro Growth provides the main nutrients your plants need. They’ll dramatically grow with their new high-quality supply of mineral NPK. It contains everything your plants need during the growth stage to generate structures that will hold the buds.

Hydro Bloom is a nutrient base for the flowering stage, to prepare your flowers since the first white hairs appear. It has to be supplemented with a fattener during the last stage of the crop in order to get huge colas of buds.

PK 13/14 is an extra supply of phosphorus and potassium so that the flowers increase in size and density, thus improving the yield of your crops. It’s used once the buds already have a certain size.

PowerZyme improves the substrate of your plants by eliminating the organic remains and salt accumulations. It will dissolve and transform into nutrients the dead roots and toxic salts present in the medium.

SuperVit provides amino acids and vitamins that stimulate the growth and the flowering so your plants produce faster. It supplements the fertilizers by providing small doses of many substances that improve the health of your plants.

Hesi Starter Box Hydro includes:

  • 1 Liter of Hydro Growth (fertilizer for the growth phase)
  • 500ml of Root Complex (root stimulator)
  • 10 ml of SuperVit (energizer to stimulate the metabolism)
  • 500ml of Powerzyme (cleans the dead roots)
  • 1 litre of Hydro Bloom (flowering fertilizer)
  • Indoors, we’ll harvest this variety after 13-14 flowering weeks.

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