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Phosphorus Plus by Hesi will provide an extra of phosphorus and potassium that can your plants your plants can absorb during the bud fattening stage, just when they need it most.

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Phosphorus Plus from Hesi will provide phosphorus and potassium during the fattening stage of your buds, just when they need it most. You’ll see how the buds grow hard and tight. When your plants have already developed the flowers, and are still young, it’s when more phosphorus and potassium are needed. You’ll provide them with these nutrients during the final stage of the flowering.

Phosphorus Plus is an additive that is used in combination with Bloom Complex, the basic fertilizer for a lush flowering. The cell walls of your plants will become stiffer and the flowers will have a higher density, improving the harvest yield.

It’s a fertilizer for the fattening buds that has been specially formulated to use with soil substrate. The nutrients ratio has been carefully adjusted taking into account that the substrate will already contribute a significant amount of food to the plants. This way, you’ll ensure the protection of your plants against over-fertilization.

Since it only contains 100% water-soluble ingredients, it can be used with drip irrigation systems without obstruction problems. This additive is a special PK for soil cultivation, if you grow in coco or hydro you can use instead PK 13/14 by Hesi.

Dosage and usage of Phosphorus Plus:

  • Add 2.5 mL per litre of irrigation water along with Bloom Complex.

Bloom Complex and Phosphorus Plus by Hesi will be enough to fatten your flowers during the last stage of the flowering, but if you want to improve your harvest even more, try combining it with SuperVit and Boost by Hesi.

Phosphorus Plus by Hesi’s composition:

  • 7.2% Phosphorus
  • 5.1% Potassium

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