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TNT Complex by Hesi is a mineral based fertilizer for the growth stage with which you’ll obtain large and strong plants from the beginning and, if you combine it with Root Complex by Hesi, in a very short time.

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TNT Complex by Hesi is a growth fertilizer with which you’ll obtain large and strong plants from the beginning, and in a very short time if combined with Root Complex by Hesi. With all the essential elements so your plants have a correct growth from seeds or cuttings.

Fast and strong plants, ready to flower with the best branches and stems. Your plants will get ready for an abundant flowering and will build the necessary structures to support the weight of the buds.

TNT Complex by Hesi is made up of the best minerals for your plants to fully assimilate them in order to multiply their cell walls at a very fast rate. You’ll save time and increase the production thanks to plants with thick and robust stems, through which the available nutrients will move to all parts of the plants. They’ll bloom with all their strength to give you the best results by using the rest of the products.

Check the complete fertilization programme by Hesi to give your plants a professional feeding.

Dosage and usage of TNT Complex by Hesi:

  • Add 2.5mL per litre of irrigation water (for mother plants), alternation irrigation with and without the product, to keep them growing while controlling the salt accumulation in the soil.
  • Apply 2.5mL per litre in the irrigation of young plants, small cuttings. Progressively increase up to 5 mL/L when they are adult.

You can control the pH and EC levels to improve the feeding of your plants by always using suitable doses.

Composition of TNT Complex by Hesi

NPK 3-2-3

  • 2.8% Nitrogen
  • 2.2% Phosphorus
  • 3.1% Potassium
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Amino acids

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