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Hy-Pro RootStimulator is a stimulator for the root of your plants that improves their health and accelerates their overall development.

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Hy-Pro RootStimulator is a stimulator for the roots of your plants that improves their health and speeds up their overall development. You’ll notice how your plants accelerate their internal processes, assimilate more nutrients and demand much more water. They’ll grow bigger and faster and you can switch them to flowering much sooner.

This North Atlantic algae-made product causes an explosive development of your plants’ roots, which will be able to assimilate huge amounts of nutrients. The whole plant will experience an intense growth.

With RootStimulator, your plants will be perfectly nourished since they’ll be able to better absorb the supplied nutrients. By adding Rootstimulator to the irrigation water, you’ll be providing your plants with a mixture of micro-elements that will make their roots multiply, thus increasing the absoption of nutrients.

Dosage and usage of Hy-Pro RootStimulator:

  • Add 5mL per litre of water and stir the mixture well.
  • You can combine it with growth and flowering fertilizers. Use it once a week for a couple of weeks at the beginning of each stage, and every time you transplant a plant.

Composition of Hy-Pro RootStimulator:

NPK 0-0-1

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