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The Ionic Starter Kit is a quality nutrient kit so that you can have your own professional grow – with this kit, you’ll have everything you need for all of your plants’ phases.

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The Ionic Starter Kit contains various products used in growing marijuana. With this kit you’ll be able to give your plants the food they need the most and when they need it. Also, you can easily save money with this kit, as it’s cheaper than buying each product separately, although they are available.

The Ionic Starter Kit contains:

Grow: This is a base fertilizer for your plants’ growth period. By using this product you’re giving your plants essential nutrients by increasing vegetative growth and keeping them well fed. It’s used to give your plants strength in order to begin the flowering stage. You can choose whether you’d like this product for soil, coco or hydroponics.

Bloom: This product is also a base fertilizer, but this time it’s for your plants flowering/bloom period. It’s used from the beginning of the flowering period until you begin washing out the roots, and by doing so you’ll be giving your plants everything they need to grow giant, healthy plants. You can also choose if you want this product in soil, coco or hydro format.

Nitrozyme: This concentrated product is a growth stimulant. It’s made out of algae extract, which helps your plants’ roots grow much stronger and healthier – thus, allowing your plants to grow much easier and many more new sprouts. It even works on plants that you might think are goners because of stress. You can use it either when watering or sprayed.

Formulex is another concentrated product that can be used to keep your plants as green as possible. It’s used in water to regulate pH levels too, keeping them nice and stable. It can also be used on clones/cuttings to entice root growth and for transplanting plants.

PK Boost is an additive used on your plants during the flowering period when the buds are in the fattening phase. It increases flower volume and final yield considerably. It should be used alongside Bloom, the flowering base, up until two weeks before harvesting, which is when you should be washing out the roots.

Ionic Starter Kit contents:

  • 1L Grow
  • 1L Bloom
  • 100ml Nitrozyme
  • 100ml Formulex
  • 1L PK Boost

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