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Liquid Oxigen by Growth Technology is a revolutionary product that helps your plant absorb better the nutrients present in irrigation water and to improve the global health of the radicular system.

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Liquid Oxigen by Growth Technology is an additive to increase the content of oxygen in water so that plants can absorb nutrients better. It is used with all growing media to accelerate the metabolism of plants and make roots grow strong and healthy. It is particularly useful in hydroponic crops because water tends to lose oxygen in our systems.

Roots need a certain ppm of oxygen in water to absorb nutrients optimally. Ideal water temperature and oxygen content should be 20° and 5000 ppm. When temperature is higher, the amount of oxygen decreases a lot and when temperature is lower, roots cannot absorb nutrients well.

Liquid Oxigen is added to irrigation water when it is hot -over 20°C. It also helps roots to be healthy, by increasing their thickness and also the number of "hairs" which will result in a better absorption of water and thus nutrients. Generally speaking, it helps maintaining the good health of roots, making healthier and stronger plants.

The plants we treat with Liquid Oxigen exhibit a lush look with a very intense green and this is also noticed in the quality of the final product since a greener plant implies a better absorption of light.

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Add 0.5ml per every liter of water in the tank.
  • It can be used along with other nutrients with no problems and in any growing medium.


  • 11.9% hydrogen peroxide

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