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Liquid Silicon by Growth Technology is a fertilizer made of silicon, a mineral plants need and which is usually present in all growing substrates, but which has to be added in hydro and aero settings. 

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Liquid Silicon by Growth Technology is a complement with silicon to be added to the nutrient base fertilizer. It is a mineral necessary for plants to develop a structure rigid enough to bear the weight of buds. Normally, your plants should obtain it through the growing medium since it is present in all growing substrates. However, in aqueous media such as in hydroponic and aeroponic settings, it is necessary to add it to the nutrient tank. It is also possible your growing medium has not enough silicon and then you can add Liquid Silicon to it.

Silicon is used to carry nutrients along the plant and also promotes the development of thicker roots and the formation of cell walls. Most substrates include it in their composition but when we have a hydroponic crop, it is sparse so we'll have to add it to the irrigation water to improve the radicular system. Our plant will spread the nutrients better and create stronger and more resistant cell walls, which will allow the plants to resist pests and weather harshness better.

It can also be used in soil crops to improve cell walls so that they can fight the stress produced by pest attacks or excessive heat.

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Add 0.5ml per every L of water in the hydroponics tank or in any growing media
  • You can double the quantity up to 1ml per L of you use 100% deionized water or water is soft at your growing location


  • 6% potassium silicate

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