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Nitrozyme by Growth Technology is a very concentrated growth booster to take care of the radicular system of our plants thanks to its formula based on seaweed. Get strong and healthy plants from the first day.

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Nitrozyme by Growth Technology is a very concentrated product based on seaweed and used to maintain roots. It will help our plants keep strong and healthy roots from the first day.

When we are going to do cuttings, we can spray the mother a few weeks before. We will get new and stronger sprouts from where to get our clones, so that they are healthier and we have fewer casualties.

Nitrozyme is a growth booster which will produce a fast reaction of the plant. We'll see how the amount of new sprouts increases quickly and new branches develop a few days after the application.

It can be used in plants that don't grow much or seem to be stuck. By using Nitrozyme we'll help them recover from stress and carry on with their normal growth.

It is made with pure and natural substances, without any toxic agent or aggressive salt. It contains a complex blending of biostimulants which activate the natural mechanisms of our plants and which are extracted from seaweed.

Dosage and instructions for use:

In soil and coco:

  • Add 1-2ml per L of water and irrigate, paying particular attention to the edges of the pot.
  • Particularly good in the growing stage but can also be applied at the beginning of the flowering.

In hydroponics or aeroponics:

  • Add 0.5ml per L of nutrient solution.
  • Remember to measure pH and Ec and keep right levels to improve results notably.

Foliar applications:

  • Add 0.5ml per L of once a week with a nebulizer. 
  • Ideal for mother plants. We can also spray the seedbed blocks we use to do cuttings with the same solution (same concentration)


  • 100% pure extract of seaweed

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