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PK Boost by Growth Technology is a complement added to base fertilizers to get an amazing fattening of the buds. It contains iron so that your plants are green until the end of their growing cycle.

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Ionic PK Boost by Growth Technology is a fertilizer used along basic nutrients to increase the size and weight of buds. Besides, it improves the yield since your plants will be healthier thanks to the iron chelates supplied.

In order to improve the fattening of the flowers we usually add a bit higher dose of PK at the end of the bloom. However, we overlook other aspects such as the additional need for iron plants have got at this stage. Iron is not included in most common PK formulae on the market.

PK Boost from the Ionic range is a very complete fattening product, enriched with iron chelates, directly assimilable by plants which will give large and dense flowers. We'll use it from the moment buds have started developing and will keep on using it until a couple of weeks before cutting.

It can be used in all kind of growing media and mix it with any line of fertilizers by other brands. You can also check out the complete growing chart by Ionic for a total treatment with Growth Technology successful products.

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Add 1ml per L of irrigation water at the beginning of the bloom and apply it every week until the 3rd or 4th week of flowering.
  • Add 2ml per L when the fattening starts at the 4th or 5th week and until the end. Repeat every week with every watering.
  • This product is an alimentary complement for plants. It must be used along with a base fertilizer to be the main nutritional source of your plants.


 NPK 0-14-15

  • 14,01% Phosphorous
  • 15,06% Potassium
  • 0,05% Iron chelates DTPA.

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