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Alga Grow by Plagron is an excellent natural fertilizer for the vegetative stage. 100% organic, it supplies your plants nitrogen and trace elements during the first weeks of life.

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Alga Grow by Plagron is a base fertilizer for the vegetative stage. It is 100% organic and a source of nitrogen and trace elements, ideal to speed up the development of your marijuana plants at the initial stage of the growing cycle.

It contains natural ingredients which are not entirely soluble in water. Therefore, we'll avoid using it in drip irrigation systems since it could cause accidents and jeopardize our culture.

This fertilizer contains seaweed which will provide your plants with all the nutrients required during the vegetative stage. When you use Alga Grow by Plagron, you'll observe a fast growth of the vegetal matter and the formation of thicker branches and trunks, able to bear all the weight of the bloom. Your plants will grow at a good pace and we'll be sure of not leaving residues since Alga Grow is totally organic and easily absorbed by your plants.

You can combine this base fertilizer with a root booster such as Power Roots and substitute it with Alga Bloom and Green Sensation at the flowering stage. Check the full growing program designed by Plagron to adjust times and doses best.

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Add 4ml of Alga Grow per L of irrigation water. Use it every two watering occurrences. 
  • Use this product from the moment our plants have 3 pairs of flowers and until we set them to flower (indoors) or there is a season change and they start flowering (outdoor ones).


  • Seaweed extract
  • Beetroot vinasse
  • Amino-acids

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