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Ph Min by Plagron is an acid to lower the pH of irrigation water. It will let you achieve a stable pH of the nutrient solution in any growing medium.

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Ph Min by Plagron is a product with phosphorous oxide to lower the pH of the nutrient solution in any growing medium. This product will ensure the pH will remain very stable and you can leave the nutrient solution in the watering tank without noticing harmful variations.

The average pH level in the growing medium determines the speed at which your plants will grow and the elements they can assimilate. When this level is too high or too low, some nutrients are stopped and cannot be assimilated by the plants, leading to deficiencies even if the lacking element is present. This is why it is recommended to keep acidity levels between 5.5 and 6.5. Depending on the growing medium and the stage your plants are at, you can adjust those levels even more

Use Ph Min by Plagron to lower the Ph of the nutrient solution. Ph Min is a quality Ph regulator that doesn't increase Ec much and stabilize Ph well for some days, so that the solution lasts in the tank. Besides, it is very cost-effective since you will only need a few ml of it to lower the pH of many L of water. 

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Measure the pH of the nutrient solution after adding the base fertilizer and all additives.
  • If pH is over 6.5, add 0.5ml of Ph Min to it.
  • Measure again and repeat if required until you obtain a reading between 5.5 and 6.5


  • 59% phosphoric acid.

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