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Pk 13-14 by Plagron is a fertilizer to be added to bases in order to achieve a massive fattening of buds. It's therefore use in the second part of the bloom.

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PK 13-14 by Plagron is a powerful fertilizer that is added along with base fertilizer to foster an explosive growth of the flowers. It is used in the second part of the flowering stage. By using PK 13-14 we'll get an increase in weight and density of buds so our harvest will be better in terms of both quality and weight.

When our plants reach the fattening stage they need an extra contribution of phosphorous and potassium (PK) to form thicker fruits. This is why the consume more of these minerals at this stage than during the rest of the life-cycle. Mix PK 13/14 with your base fertilizer, no matter it is Terra Cocos or Hydro A+B at the fattening stage which corresponds, more or less, to the 4th week and keep on using it until the end of the cycle. You'll notice how buds become much larger and heavier than usual.

Phosphorous and potassium participate in many metabolic processes besides being directly involved in the formation of cell walls and the sugar load of the cell core. This is why they are so essential to the formation of flowers and for getting a higher size and weight of the final product.

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Add 1.5ml per L of water during the fattening stage, along with Terra Bloom, Cocos A+B or Hydro.
  • Don't exceed the recommended dose because we could overfeed plants.


NPK 0-13-14

  • 13% phosphorous oxide.
  • 14% potassium oxide.

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