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Start Up by Plagron is a complete fertilizer for saplings, rich in root stimulant, used during your plants’ first few days.

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Start Up by Plagron is a complete fertilizer made especially for saplings, rich in root stimulant. You need to apply this during the first few days of your plants’ life cycle. That way, you can rest assured that your plant will have all of the nutrients needed in the correct proportions during this delicate period.

You can use this fertilizer on your marihuana seeds or on saplings grown out of cuttings to accelerate growth.

With Start Up by Plagron you’ll save time, which is extremely important for commercial growers that need to have their harvest on time. Once your saplings have grown three pairs of leaves, you can start using growth fertilizers like Cocos A+B, Terra A+B or Hydro A+B.

Consult the Plagron Complete growers program to know the exact quantities and times to apply your fertilizers just like a professional.

Dosage and how to use:

  • Shake well and add 7ml per liter of water with which you'll be wetting the kitchen paper used to germinate, your Jiffy or whatever else you might use; or you can stick the seeds in soil directly, water it with the mixture and wait for it to germinate.


NPK 4-7-5

  • 4.2% Ureic Nitrogen.
  • 6.7% Phosphorus Pentoxide
  • 5.2% Potassium oxide.

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