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Terra Bloom by Plagron is a fertilizer for the flowering stage with a mineral base. It will help your plants develop good flowers thanks to their first-quality macro-nutrients.

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Terra Bloom by Plagron is a fertilizer for the bloom that supplies essential macro-nutrients for the proper development of plants at this stage. In order to improve the results even more, we can combine it with Green Sensation and Sugar Royal which will provide a fantastic fattening and an explosive resin production.

It is a totally water soluble fertilizer which is perfectly compatible with drip irrigation system. It can be used in any growing medium, although the proportions of nutrients have been adjusted to grow in soil. The formula only contains macro-nutrients since trace elements are generally found in the substrate. If you think your substrate can lack any micro-nutrient or you want to make sure they are present in the growing medium, you can add Vita Race to the irrigation water.

Add Terra Bloom by Plagron to irrigation water during the flowering stage to give your plants a combination rich in the nutrients required at this phase. After the 4th or 5th week, you'll have to add a fattening product such as Green Sensation or Pk 13/14.

You can check the simple growing chart by Plagron and carry out a professional fertilizing program.

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Add 5ml per L of irrigation water during the flowering stage (every two watering periods to avoid overfertilizing
  • It can be added to the rest of nutrients of the range as per indicated in the chart.


NPK 2-2-4

  • 2,1% total nitrogen.
  • 1,6% nitric oxide.
  • 0,5% quaternary ammonium.
  • 1,6% phosphorous pentoxide.
  • 3,9% potassium oxide.

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