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Terra Grow by Plagron is a base fertilizer for the growing stage of your plants. It helps them get ready for the bloom, developing good branches and stems.

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Terra Grow by Plagron is a base fertilizer for your plants during the growing stage which will help you get them ready for the bloom with good stems and branches. We'll apply it from the moment your plants need food, which will be when they exhibit two or three pairs of leaves in soil.

Your plants will grow with large leaves and good stems so that they are strong when they start to bloom. Terra Grow is rich in nitrogen which is what they feed on mainly during the vegetative stage but they also contribute other nutrients such as phosphorous and potassium which they require in lower doses. It is totally soluble in water so we can use it with any drip irrigation system. Besides, it is easily absorbed by our plants so it won't leave traces in our substrate.

This is a base fertilizer which we'll normally use along with a root booster Power Roots and the catalyzer that activates beneficial microscopic life, Pure Enzym. We'll get your plants to develop faster and grow a healthy radicular system, able to assimilate large amounts of nutrients.

You can check the full growing chart by Plagron and apply the knowledge developed by scientists and professional growers.

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Add 5ml per L of irrigation water from the moment your plants have 3 pairs of leaves until we set them to flower, when we must start using a different product.
  • Combine it with the required additives for that specific week (refer to Plagron chart)


NPK 3-1-3

  • 2,6% total nitrogen.
  • 2% nitric oxide.
  • 0,6 % quaternary ammonium.
  • 1,1% phosphorous pentoxide.
  • 3,1% potassium oxide.

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