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Top Grow Box Bio by Plagron is a kit with all the basic products required to get a nice crop and with the required nutrients to cover a whole cycle when we have few plants.

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Top Grow Box Bio by Plagron is a basic kit to get a nice crop that includes all the nutrients required to cover a whole growing-cycle when we have got few plants. Thanks to this pack, you'll be able to cover the entire life-cycle of your plants.

Power Roots is a root booster for the beginning of the growth and also for when you transplant your plants before setting them to flower. It will help your plants develop a huge radicular system, able to assimilate loads of nutrients.

Vita Race is a fertilizer with trace elements to be sprayed and push the vegetative stage a bit. It is used twice at the vegetative development stage. It will keep your plants free from any deficiency.

Alga Grow is an organic base fertilizer for the vegetative stage that will supply plants everything they need to grow vigorously. Your plants will form strong stems able to bear the weight of the bloom.

Alga Bloom is the organic base fertilizer for the bloom that will provide your plants with all the basic nutrients they need to develop flowers properly. Our plants will get everything they need to form buds. It can be supplemented with Sugar Royal to improve the yield.

Green Sensation is the base organic fertilizer that provides basic nutrients to increase the weight of buds and enhance their flavour. It is totally organic. It can be applied from the moment the first flowers appear and until the end of the cycle.

Thanks to this collection of the best organic fertilizers you'll be able to enjoy the taste of your own weed when you harvest your plants. Get the true marijuana flavour.

Top Grow Box Bio contains:

  • 100ml of Alga Grow.
  • 1L of Alga Bloom.
  • 100ml of Power Roots.
  • 100ml of Vita Race.
  • 100ml og Green Sensation.
  • Growing chart with indications (times and dosage)

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