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Barrier by Top Crop will make your plants gain extra strength, increasing their levels of chlorophyll, improving photosynthesis and strengthening trunks and branches.

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Barrier by Top Crop is a complement to be added along with growth and bloom fertilizers. It will give your plants extra strength, increasing the levels of chlorophyll, improving photosynthesis and giving firmness to trunks and branches.

This product contains only 100% water soluble ingredients and is compatible with all kind of automatic irrigation systems. It can be used in any growing medium. Your plants will be stronger than ever!

You can apply it through the leaves by spraying it with a more diluted dose and get an immediate effect. Pests will find it much harder to settle on your plants' leaves. Outdoors, bugs and fungi will much prefer to develop on surrounding plants which have not been treated with Barrier. Our plants will always be healthy.

Barrier increases the thickness of cell walls, making plants more resistant to heat and pest attacks. Get healthy and strong plants that will do the photosynthesis perfectly well since the product helps with the transport of nutrients. Using barrier will also improve the absorption of CO2 so it is strongly recommended to use it with systems that increase its concentration in the air. It is like providing your plants with a second skin and a way of getting more robust and stronger plants. 

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Add 0.5ml/L in irrigation water.
  • You can use it in the growth at the start of the bloom to reinforce the plant and then use it one month afterwards, when the fattening starts.


  • Potassium silicate
  • 3.92% potassium
  • 7.80% silicon

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