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SuperGuano by Top Crop will give your plants the phosphorus and potassium they need in the fattening phase of their flowering. Use it by mixing it with your soil and see its benefits.

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SuperGuano by Top Crop is a 100% organic fertilizer to mix with the substrate that provides the necessary nutrients so that your plants can have an exuberant bloom. In addition it favors their root development and keeps your plants healthy during their whole cultivation. It is a natural fertilizer based on bats’ excrements collected in geographical areas far from human activities. This is why it is suitable to be used in organic agriculture according to the European regulation.

This granulate is to mix with the substrate from the first moment when we prepare the blend for our pots or the land of our orchard. Thanks to its slow release components your plants will have the appropriate inputs of macro and micro-nutrients for every phase of the plant. It is a fertilizer for fattening that allows you obtain top quality bio buds without worrying about adding fertilizers to the water.

You may like to combine it with fertilizers for the growth phase that can also be mixed with the substrate as, for example, Nitroguano and a polyvalent stimulator as Top Vulcan. It is advisable not to exceed the recommended doses to avoid over fertilizing your plants.

With SuperGuano by Top Crop you are certain you give your plants the best organic matter regarding to bat guano. Collected in hidden caves, far from the civilization and from bats fed on fruits, insects and small jungle animals, it is a flowering fertilizer of slow absorption and first quality.

Dose and indications of SuperGuano by Top Crop:

In pots:

  • Add to the pot (7l) about 2 spoonfuls at the beginning of the flowering and two other spoonfuls 20 days later, and the plant will begin to absorb it when it needs it most to fatten.
  • It is recommended to make a groove on the rim of the pot of about 3 or 4 centimeters and put the guano there, then cover it with some soil and water.
  • You can also mix it with the soil before filling the pots.

In the soil:

  • Add 100g of SuperGuano in a groove around every plant every 2 months from June in the northern hemisphere and from December in the southern hemisphere.


Composition of Super-Guano by Top Crop:


NPK 1-10.5-0.2


  • 1% Nitrogen.
  • 10.5% Phosphorus.
  • 0.2% Potassium.
  • 31% Calcium.
  • 2% Magnesium.
  • Boron <2ppm.
  • Copper 260ppm.
  • Iron 14320 ppm.
  • Manganese 3400 ppm.
  • Zinc 1000 ppm.

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