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Top Veg by Top Crop is a mineral-organic growth fertilizer with humic acids, rich in macro and micro-nutrients, to reinforce the defenses against diseases and stress in marijuana plants.

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Top Veg by Top Crop is a mineral-organic base fertilizer for the vegetative stage. It contains humic acids and is rich in macro and micro-nutrients that reinforce the defenses of our marijuana plants against diseases and stress. We'll add it to irrigation water every two waterings (when growing in soil).

All ingredients are excellent quality and totally assimilable by plants. You can use it in soil and coco crops to achieve an exuberant growth over the first weeks of your plants. It is normally used along with a root booster such as Deeper Underground and a growth booster such as Green Explosion. At the bloom, we'll change it for Top Bloom along with Big One.

Your plants will experience a strong and resistant growth and will be lately able to support the weight of heavy flowers. Get green and healthy plants with this natural blending of macro and micro-nutrients, rich in nitrogen. Top Veg will make your plants grow green sprouts and develop strong branches.

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Add from 2 to 4ml per L of water.
  • Use once a week.
  • If your plants need more regular watering, use just once every two waterings.


NPK 9-4-8

  • 3,9% Humic acids.
  • 2% Fulvic acids.
  • 8,7% Nitrogen.
  • 4,4% Phosphorous.
  • 7,7% Potassium.
  • 1% Magnesium.
  • 0,1% Boron.
  • 0,018% Copper chelates EDTA.
  • 0,16% Iron chelates EDDHSA.
  • 0,03% Manganese chelates EDTA.
  • 0,026% Zinc chelates EDTA.

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