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Propolix by Trabe is a natural product created by bees which is used to protect plants from all types of fungi.

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Propolix by Trabe is a 100% natural product that will protect your crops from all kind of fungal attacks. If there is already a fungi plague (oidium or mildew) in your crops, it will help you keep it under control until the harvest time.

Propolis is a substance synthesized and used by bees to protect their combs from fungi and bacteria. It impregnates all parts of their hives. When a predator gets inside the hive, bees attack them to death. In many occasions, the animal is too big for the bees to push it away from their comb. Thus, in order to prevent the dead animal from rotting inside worker bees cover the animal with propolis to mummify it in a natural way. It is not by chance that Egyptian mummies contain remains of this powerful phytoprotective agent.

Propolix by Trabe provides totally natural protection. It will protect your plants against fungi as dangerous as oidium and botrytis with a few sprayings. You can also add it to irrigation water. Prevent all kind of fungal invasion and stop them on time if there is already an infestation in your crop, by spraying Propolix once a week.

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Add 2ml per L of water
  • Spray it every 20 days as a preventive treatment
  • Spray it every week to stop oidium and botrytis


  • 15% propolis

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