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Category Camouflage

These cans of tomato sauce are perfect for hiding valuables in them – they’re easy to look over, apart from the fact that they’re in Spanish which can always be explained away with a visiting relative.

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With this can of tomato sauce you can easily hide your valuable objects in quite a discreet manner, guaranteeing that nobody’s going to figure out that it doesn’t have tomato sauce in it at all.

It has a visible opening along the bottom, so we recommend storing it upright if you don’t want anyone suspecting anything. It’s perfect for taking to the beach or for taking camping – you can simply place it among other cans.

Simply hide whatever you need in this tomato can and nobody will suspect a thing. I mean, it might be weird to have one in your bag at work, but for other more social circumstances or trips, it’s the ideal camouflage item.


  • 11cm tall
  • 8cm diameter

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Category Camouflage Reference Ocultación EAN13 06001005 UPC 22

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