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With the Card Grinder, you can shred your buds as if it were bread crumbs Easy to use, very discreet and useful instrument.

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Card Grinder is a very effective instrument for shredding your cannabis. It is incredibly simple to use and, with a little force, you’ll obtain a perfect grind.

The card grinder works just like a cheese grater. Just rub your buds against the card to grind them. Perfect for the summer when the heat and sweat can be a problem to roll a joint without the help of a grinder. Now, you can easily an effectively grind your marijuana with a great cutting precision.

It works just like a cheese grater.

It’s perfect to carry in your wallet, not drawing unwanted attention, unlike traditional grinders.

Ideal for smoking away from home, not needing other instruments that may be cumbersome to carry on you.


  • 8.5cm tall.
  • 5cm wide.

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