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Mill Handle Grinder to easily shred your grass by just turning its handle. It’s a 4-part, so the resin that falls when you grind your weed will be collected in the bottom container.

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Customer ratings

Mill Handle Aluminium Grinder of the best quality to easily shred your marijuana buds. It has a sieve that will only let through the smallest trichomes, so they accumulate in the bottom container. You can later press it to make your own hash.

Very well made, it has nothing to do with the plastic models, it’s much more resistant.

Always turn the handle clockwise, if you do it anti-clockwise the shredder piece will loosen and fall.

It that ever happens, hold that piece in your hand and turn the handle clockwise with your other hand until it’s fixed in place.


  • 5 cm tall.
  • 6 cm diameter.

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