Coal Tablets for Hookahs


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You can now get packs of 10 coal tablets for your hookah. Keep on smoking without worrying that you’re going to run out of coal!

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Keep your hookah nice and hot with these coal tablets, available in tubes of 10 tablets and boxes of 10 tubes.

This version of the coal tablets has been improved upon greatly – they’re much easier to light and hardly smell like coal when burning at all, guaranteeing a much thicker, more intense flavor when using a hookah.

Make the most out of your bong or hookah as comfortably as possible. You can also burn ground-up incense on top of the coal when it’s burning to give your house a nice, intense aroma.

Quantities available:

  • Tube of 10 tablets
  • Complete box of 10 tubes (100 tablets)

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Category Shishas Reference Carbon para Shisha en pastillas UPC 22

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