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Pre-rolled cones, available in various sizes. Cones allow you to roll the perfect joint, as big as you’d like, nice and tight. Joints rolled with cones are super pleasing to smoke, with a smooth burn all along.

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These pre-rolled paper cones are available in various sizes.

When you use Cones to roll joints you’ll be able to roll the perfect, compact joint that smokes like a beauty. Even the largest joints, when rolled using Cones, smoke perfectly right until the end. They come with the filter already attached, making it a complete product ready for you to simply fill, light, and enjoy.

Take advantage of our amazing deals on full boxes of Cones, making for an affordable product that can last you for quite a while.

  • Party Cones box: 24 pre-rolled joints.
  • Super-Sized Cones box: 24 pre-rolled joints.
  • Giga Cones box: 15 pre-rolled joints.

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