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Raw Connoisseur King-Sized papers for L-sized blunts, including tips. Take advantage of our offer on the entire box and walk away with a deal.

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RAW King Sized Connoisseur papers are top quality papers and completely natural, allowing you to enjoy the full flavor of your weed. You can buy just one pack with 32 papers or an entire box of 24 booklets – if you roll a lot, you might be better off by getting the box.

If you decide to grow the box, you’ll save money and time – how many times have you had to rush to the shops before they close to get more papers? Now you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere that’s open at midnight.

The “Connoisseur” format includes the same amount of papers as the normal format (32) but it also contains 32 roaches. Each box contains 24 booklets in total.

Each booklet has the same amount of papers as they do tips, so all you need is one of these little booklets, some weed and you’re ready. If you have a rolling tray, you’ll be able to pick up any bits that you accidentally drop.

Raw King Sized Connoisseur contains:

  • 32 L-sized papers with 32 roaches.
  • Boxes contain 24 booklets.

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