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With the Essenz Multi Vaporizer you can now vape your marijuana with a good amount of vapor that will satiate you.

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The Essenz Multi Vaporizer is very versatile, you can vape all kinds of herbs, also cannabis.

It has 3 heating levels. You can choose 160º, 190º or 230º to control the temperature at which you want to vaporize your substances, compounds or oils.

It has an Auto-Off function that triggers after more than 10 min without using the vaporizer.

When you stop using it, an internal memory will remember the last temperature you used.

The Essenz Multi has no downsides and is available at an awesome price. 

Reliability, quality vapour, modernity and simplicity are the best qualities of this wonderful and innovative device, famous in the whole world.


  • LCD display with temperature indicator, working temperature, operation indicator and battery status.
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees.
  • 3 preset temperature levels, 160º (320F), 190º (374F) and 230º (446F).
  • Auto shut-off after 10 minutes.
  • Stores the last set temperature.

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Category Essenz Vaporizadores de Bolsillo Reference Vaporizador multi EAN13 06080088 UPC 23

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