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Control your plant’s photoperiod or your ventilation system with this economical and reliable timer. Any grower will find it very easy to use.

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Indoors, plants depend on the hours of light, and manually turning the lamps on and off isn’t the way to go. With this timer, you can easily time your lights, turning them on and off whenever you want to control the photoperiod.

It’s very easy to set the time thanks to its simple design. Just set the time before plugging it in and you’re good to go. It has a side tab to keep it always on or use it as a timer.

You can connect any electronic device, not only lamps: ventilation systems, air conditioners, stoves...

Don’t connect power strips to use several lights at the same time, or appliances that require lots of power, as it will burn out and stop working, ruining your crop.

Use just one light per timer. If you use it with extractors, don’t connect more than two per each timer. Since its quite economical, it’d be better to buy two than risking your crop.

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